Quality baking products at reasonable prices

At Virginia Dare our product range encompasses top-quality additives, colours, flavours, food ingredients, fragrances, industrial bases, cordials and syrups. Our products are of the highest quality and are available within your budget. We offer a wide assortment of baking products that come in a variety of colours and flavours. Start baking today!

Our range of colours and additives can be used for your beverages or baked products in measured quantities.

These items have the fine ingredients of natural fruit purees to produce a flavourful fruit juice drink. Pour, shake and drink.

We stock a wide range of flavours for the baking and beverage industries. Add that home-made touch to your fine products.

We have non-chemical ingredients that provide superb flavours for bakery items chosen by taste-panel.

We carry unique fragrances for industrial and personal care use. Our range includes botanical and fruity fragrances.

These items are generally for use in making fabric softeners and other industrial products.

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