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Virginia Dare Ja. Limited is Jamaica’s leading flavour house, incorporated in June 1969; manufacturer of the finest food flavours, colours, syrups and extracts. Proudly, we serve a wide range of customers in the food & beverage industries throughout the island. We currently export to the USA and Canada.

In recent years, this dynamic company embraced the packaging industry by competitively stocking plastic caps and bottles, related mainly to the beverage market. In addition, the company has also recently embarked on supplying fragrances for use in personal care and industrial products.

Our warehouse stocks a wide variety of food flavours and extracts to cater mainly to the beverage, baking, dairy, dessert and confectionery industries. For special items, if we don’t stock it, we will get it for you! Trust our team of technical & quality experts to assist you in choosing the right ingredients, and through their expertise and knowledge in helping you develop your individual unique product.

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Virginia Dare has been blessed with a talented team who serves its customers with royalty. As the company sets out to embrace the future and its challenges, the closely-knit team is zealously working on improving key areas to keep its customers satisfied.

Mission Statement

Our valued customers depend on our fine products and services; their success will be our success.

Shared Values

With the Lord’s guidance, we believe that as a company, our commitment is to the following:

  • TO PURSUE EXCELLENCE – We commit to provide our customers with the highest quality, both in service and products. We commit to use the talents God has given us to the best of our ability, and to provide opportunities for the personal development of each member of the team.
  • TO BE SERVANTS – We commit to support each other as a team, to provide a safe working environment, and to participate in our customer’s success and our nation’s growth.
  • TO DEMONSTRATE INTEGRITY – We commit to the highest standards of ethics in our interactions within and outside the organization.
  • TO BE DILIGENT – We aim to be profitable, and in so doing provide a fair return to our stakeholders.


I.A.R Jamaica

IAR Jamaica is an asphalting company and the proud manufacturer of Pro-Patch, which is a high quality Asphalt Cold Mix made from asphalt, aggregates and special additives. Pro-Patch is ideal for patching potholes, utility cuts and small overlays.

This unique Asphalt Cold Mix is sold in bulk and by bags to both public and private enterprises, including Citizens Associations. Pro-patch is easy to use for any do-it-yourself projects, where you may need to patch a pothole in your community or fill that troublesome pot-hole on the road right at the entrance to your home. Just follow the easy instructions displayed on the package. This product may be purchased at leading hardware stores island-wide. Check for a distributor nearest you.

IAR Jamaica also distributes rubberized Sleeping Policemen, Rubber Dock Bumpers and Acrylic Pavement Sealer, which restores parking lots or driveways. It protects the asphalt from oxidation and prolongs the life expectancy of the black top.

IAR Jamaica resurfaces and paves parking lots, driveways, tennis courts and roadways. Call us for a quotation today.


Primecrete by IAR is the manufacturer of Spec-Concrete, which is a high quality mix that consists of wash sand, cement and gravel and conveniently packaged in 80 lbs bags.

It is ideal for small projects and renovations. Two (2) bags can cast 3 Sq. Ft., at 4″ thick – 42 bags per cubic yard.

Some of the advantages of Spec-Concrete are :

  • Consistent quality just add water
  • Better control of materials on site
  • Saves time and money inclusive of labour
  • Minimal clean up

We also have the following items available :

  • Multi-purpose Thin Set (50.6 lb)
  • Regular Thin Set (50.6 lb)
  • Granite Sand (80 lb)
  • Granite Finish (77 lb)
  • Wash Sand (80 lb))
  • Gravel (80 lb)
  • Masonry Mortar (77 lb)


As a company we not only aspire to be the best, we also strive to be the most affordable within the island.

Scafcon is a company that supplies scaffolding equipment for rental or purchase. With a large depot, vast quantity of stock, professional erecters on call and a fully serviced fleet of vehicles, we try to make every rental or sale delivered both on time, safely and professionally. Having been around for so many years we continue to improve and add to our product line:


Frames & Braces(scissors)

Scaffold Boards

Joint Pins


Adjustable Baseplate

Adjustable Fork Head

Castor Wheels

Tubes and Couplings etc

You can call for quotation at 765-0088/765-9258 and we are located at 708 Spanish Town Road, Kingston 11, enter from the Mandela High way at Plantation Heights. We look forward to solve all your scaffolding solutions.


  • Acetic Acid
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Baking Powder
  • Calcium Propionate

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  • Apple
  • Banana Ripe
  • Blueberry
  • Butterscotch

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  • Aloe
  • Aryl
  • Baby powder
  • Caribbean Breeze

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Food Colours

  • Black Pl22
  • Blue #1
  • Brown HT
  • Carmosine

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